There are knitters and than there are the Noro yarns knitters who would start a new project just to get the chance to work with this amazing, vivid coloured yarn. Because of the way the yarn is hand dyed, each ball is different from the other so if you knit the same pattern twice with the same colour yarn, it will still turn up completely different. Not too keen on one of the colour coming up on your yarn ball? just cut it off, as simple as that!

Noro is personally involved in all the production process, keeping it as traditional as possible, machinery is used only when necessary and restrictions on the dye processes apply in order to make sure that the yarn produced is as eco friendly as possible.

All animal fibbers come from carefully selected certified farms, the welfare of the animal is of utter importance resulting in an exceptional yarn quality.

50% cotton, 17% wool, 17% polyamide and 16% silk. The Taiyo 4 ply yarn is truly luxurious.

Tension for a 10cm x 10cm (4in x 4in) square: 36 - 38 R x 24 - 26S

Handwash only in cold water / press gently to remove excess water/ do not wring thoroughly / dry flat in shade.

Noro Yarn - Taiyo - 4 ply

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